Everything About Wind Energy

How to use wind power? What are the best wind energy generating places in the world? We can utilize the generated Wind power to run the machines used in various fields like Movies, Aeronautical, Mechanical, & village empowerment.

What is Wind Power?

Wind energy acquires the natural wind in our atmosphere and converts into mechanical energy and then Electricity. Most of the people started using the wind power centuries ago with pumped water, windmills, ground grain, etc.  Winds’ Kinetic Energy is harnessed by a modern wind turbine as to convert it into electricity. These wind turbines have three blades which sit atop a steel tubular tower, and the range of the size will be 80-foot-tall. These turbines can generate the electricity which is sufficient to power a single home as it’s primary use.Wind turbine

How to use Wind Power?

Wind Power is an alternative for all other non-renewable energy resources and can be utilized by installing the turbines. Installing turbines is the only way to get the electricity from the wind power.  In a wind farm, the turbines are connected so that the electricity can transfer from the wind farm to the power grid. Once it gets transferred to the power grid, the electricity can be used to power homes or small business farms. In this power transmission, transmission lines play a significant role which collects the electricity generated at the wind project farm and then it will be transported to larger networks.

The Wind is a renewable energy resource that can be classified into three broad types of wind power.

Offshore wind these turbines are boosted in the bodies of water and then utilized for converting it into electricity.
Utility-scale wind with these turbines, electricity power of larger than 100 kilowatts can be generated, and its is delivered to the power grid. And this power will be distributed to the end user by power system operators or electric utilities.
Distributed or small wind: These turbines utilizes the turbines of 100 kilowatts or less to power up a single home or farm or small business which is the primary use.

How does wind turbines work?

How wind turbines work? It’s simple. When the wind passes through a turbine, the blades of the turbine captures the energy and then rotate. This rotation will bring out the internal shaft to spin and is connected to a gearbox which increases the speed of rotation. This gearbox is attached to a generator which ultimately produces electricity.

The best wind energy generating places in the world

Among all the countries all over the world, China is the largest electricity production country through wind power. Like the wind, energy method has no effect on the humans they have been generating the electricity with wind power. The second nation which is producing electricity using the wind power is the United States of America. The USA is now increasing the power production when compared with previous years. Accordingly, Germany has stood in the third largest wind energy generating place in the world. India is in the fifth place among top 1 countries that are producing the wind energy using the wind power.

Rank Country Name Capacity (MW)
1  China  114,364
2  USA  65,628
3  Germany  39,963
4  Spain  22,538
5  India  22,562
6  UK  12,597
7  Canada  9,694
8  France  9,563
9  Italy  8,831
10  Brazil  5,294

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Movies based on Aeroplanes: Its crashes and attacks

You can watch so many films referred to airplanes and terrorist attacks although you might have missed some of those. For all the movie lovers we are listing the movies in the beneath part which have gained more popularity.

The list includes the movies such as Passenger 57, United 93, Die Hard 2 : Die Harder.

1. Passenger 57:

Passenger 57 is an American action film which was released in the year of 1992 directed by Kevin Hooks. Wesley Snipes and Bruce Payne played the lead roles in the film and this film also introduced Snipes line ” Alway bet on black”. The terrorist Charles Rane picks the wrong flight to hijack as the man who happens to be the Passenger 57. This film was launched by Wesley Snipes in his career in the action genre. Apparently, it has got best reviews from the critics as well as praised Wesley Snipes and Bruce Payne’s performances in the film.

2. United 93:

United 93 film is a biographical drama-thriller film released in the year of 2006 and directed by Paul Greengrass. In this movie, the intense drama takes place on the airplane hijacked on Septemeber 2001 which was finally crashed into a field in Pennsylvania when the passengers try to regain the control. The cast in the includes Military Employees and Federal Aviation Administration who are on the duty when the crash has happened. As it deals with the real time incident, all the passenger’s families have cooperated the team to make the film more realistic.

3. Die Hard 2:

Die Hard 2 is an American action film which was released in the year of 1990 as a second entry from the Die Hard series. This film was directed by Renny Harlin and stars Bruce Willis as John McClane. The story of the film follows as McClane is waiting for his wife to land at the Washington Dulles International Airport. At that time the flight gets hijacked by the terrorists and Air traffic control system was taken over by terrorists. This film was the first to use the digitally composited live-action footage which was used in the climax takes place on the runway.

4. Executive Decision:

Executive Decision film was released in the year of 1966 which mainly refers to terrorist hijacking a commercial airplane. The terrorists demand the release of a captured fellow terrorist. A special operations team get into the hijacked flight in the mid-air and executes the plan to save the lives of the people. This film starred Kurt Russel and Halle Berry and has got the top place in the list of 90’s action films.  At that time it was a blockbuster in the genre of airplane-based action movies.

5. Air Force One:

This is also a thrilling action film with uncontrolled patriotism and Harrison Ford has played a guest role as America’s Commander in Chief. The main highlight of the movie is the climax scenes which deserves the recognition.

These are the top 5 films which have acquired so much of popularity among the airplane-based action films.